Monday, October 20, 2008

Nebraska Football: Pass the Big Red Kool-Aid, I Can Almost See That North Crown

You heard it here first: the Nebraska Cornhuskers could still win the Big 12 North Division.

A shattered Missouri loses two more games. Kansas loses to Texas Tech or Texas (or both). NU beats everyone except Oklahoma. NU wins the North and (yikes) gets a chance to return several favors and ruin the Longhorns' shot at a national championship.

Failing that, we still win 8 games and end up in our favorite consolation bowl (Alamo) against a Big 10 team.

That's fine as long as we don't face my alma mater, Boston College, which just beat Virginia Tech, which beat Nebraska. Oh, I'll root for the Huskers, but I'm afraid BC will beat NU, as would have been the case every year since 2003.

The ACC doesn't go the Alamo Bowl, right?

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