Tuesday, October 07, 2008

McCain Needs Political Jujitsu

John McCain, the financial crisis apparently has flipped the polls against you. Tell the truth about the crisis and use it to your advantage.

You had a chance to thunder about pork in the bailout bill, but you blew that.

Rise above your pride and ask Rush Limbaugh for the audio he played of Republicans raising questions about Fannie and Freddie at a congressional hearing in 2004 or 2005, and Democrats jumping in to protect the status quo. Connect it to the legislation you cosponsored in 2005 to address the festering problem.

Explain how politically correct pressure from Democrats to get insolvent people into home ownership created the Wild West mortgage lending madness the set in motion the crisis. Quote Franklin Raines saying reserves under 2% were no problem because the home loans were "riskless" and then describe his role in the Obama campaign. And don't forget to mention that he got bonuses according to how many new Fannie/Freddie loans were approved.

And when Barack Obama tries to blame "the failed policies of the Bush administration" for the financial crisis, remind everyone that he got more money from Fannie and Freddie than anyone. He was their highest-paid protector in Congress.

You have to convince the public that Obama is one of the last people on Earth we want in charge of our economy.

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OmaSteak said...

Excellent advice if the Republican candidate was a conservative but McCain isn't. McCain seems unable to communicate a sound conservative plan for not only dealing with the current "credit crisis" but for dealing with the coming official recession. Placing blame on the Dems...where it rightly belongs...will only work if it's immediately followed by a bold plan. McCain doesn't have one. As much as he touts himself as a reformer, he isn't. The only tactic left to McCain is to highlight Obama's unsavory radical socialist/marxist associates and his racist minister of over 20 years. It probably won't produce a win but it will keep McCain from losing in a landslide. My best advice is start planning for an Obama administration. Capitalize upon current low income and capital gains tax rates and prepare as best as possible to shield future income from much higher taxes to come. Luckily, Obama is likely to be another Jimmy Carter so he will only be President for 4 years. Unfortunately the damage his marxist policies will do will outlive him.