Monday, October 13, 2008

Campaign Signs: It's Getting Nastier

It's getting nastier and I seem to be targeted.

I haven't seen it, but a few others have seen KETV Channel 7 footage of me in a story about damaged and stolen campaign signs.

Channel 7 called me Friday afternoon about the story. I burst out laughing and said I could show them "the scene of the crime" where one of my big signs was roughed up.

I had a 4' by 8' double-panel sign mounted on 12' wooden posts sunk 4' in the ground at 72nd & Ames. The sign was pulled out of the ground, dragged over to a fence, and tossed over the fence for a straight drop down the side of a 15' retaining wall.

One panel was ruined, but we salvaged the rest of the sign and put it up again. The next day Channel 7 called and wanted to meet me at the reinstalled sign.

When we got there, the sign was gone. No trace of it.

In three campaigns, this is the first time one of my big signs has been messed with, and it's the first time I've had a sign at a particular site targeted like that.

Smaller signs also are getting roughed up -- metal stakes crunched over in half, some signs gone.

As I told Channel 7, you can get made and let it eat you up. My best therapy is to get out there with another sign.

Sign placements still welcome!

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