Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin Saga Revealing

The elitists are launching a full-scale assault on the populist candidate who doesn't fit their agenda.

I told you this would be fun.

Liberal columnist E.J. Dionne is whining that conservatives who trashed Harriet Miers as unfit for the Supreme Court are now embracing Sarah Palin for vice president. Dionne huffs in righteous indignation that Palin gets the green light because she is a proven conservative.

No kidding? And where is the scandal or hypocrisy in that?

Nobody knew what to make of Miers. President Bush deserved to be hammered on that nomination. He has not been a fiscal conservative. It was legitimate to force him to hold course as a social conservative.

That doesn't mean a judicial nominee has to be a social conservative. It means the nominee has to put the rule of law first, ahead of his personal politics.

John Roberts got it exactly right in his confirmation hearing. A senator pressed him on whether he would support the underdog or the overdog in cases before him. Roberts said he would not support either. A judge is not supposed to pick sides or slant his jurisprudence to produce a preordained result favoring a certain person or group. A judge is supposed to apply the rule of law without regard for whether the result is politically popular.

Dionne speaks for the liberal establishment that can't stand the idea of a socially conservative Republican woman getting to the vice president's office ahead of a liberal Democratic woman. And the elitists are frightened because they had been busy convincing themselves and the public that the conservative populist majority was no more.

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OmaSteak said...

Harriet Miers wasn't qualified to be White House counsel much less a Supreme Court justice and the "right" wasn't at all shy about making that fact known and respected. Does E.J. Dionne lisping effete socialist ideal candidate for president have any experience or accomplishments to "qualify" for the office of President???