Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nebraska Football: Not Ready for Prime Time

What a disappointment against Virginia Tech.

NU looked like the rattled road team. Our QB looked like the rattled rookie. Theirs looked like the savvy veteran.

I went crazy when I saw the replay of the blocked punt. They had three guys stacked up on our right flank and we had no one over there. The one protector in the backfield on that side pivoted to the inside and let the punt blocker blow by him. What the hell were they practicing all week? This is the best punt-blocking team ever and we looked absolutely stupid.

The game was over when Joe Ganz released the final pass to Todd Pederson, not when Pederson fumbled. There was no time to run another play, not even a spike. The ball had to be heaved to the end zone, or as far as Ganz could throw it. Miracle TD or pass interference to keep the game going. Again, we looked brain-dead.

Quentin Castille goes down on first contact. Every time. Even from glancing blows or arm tackles.

We made a mediocre offense look very good. We got the 30 points I was hoping for. I still can't believe we gave up a lot of yards and 35 points to that offense.

Bo Pelini needs to quit repeating "we have to get better" and instead get the team better.

Tom Osborne, don't wait to be invited to comment this time. Stop into the coaching offices -- or summon them to your office -- and tell Pelini, in front of his staff, to grow up. Lose that bush-league thug routine. Not only does it show no class, but it may have cost your team a shot at winning.

Nate Swift, what a gamer. A long TD punt return against Virginia Tech is an amazing feat. On that final TD drive he got another 25 yards after the catch to set up the TD and save precious seconds.

Omaha World-Herald columnist tom Shatel was right in a recent column. He said the season will be measured by November -- Kansas, Kansas State, and Colorado. A few maulings will occur between then and now, including in our own building this week if our offense can't function better and keep the Missouri offense off the field.

Start giving backup QB Patrick Witt some work now. At least get him to where he can handle the snap from center.

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