Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Horrific? That's the Point

My colleague, Douglas County Commissioner Mike Boyle, was ticketed for trying to stop the display of aborted babies plastered on the side of a large truck. He said he was motivated by the sight of a mother shielding her children's eyes. If you're worried about children seeing it, doesn't that tell you something?

Twenty years ago, the shield-the-children argument was plausible. Not anymore. Children are exposed to grisly images by popular culture all the time.

Some will argue that war, even when justified, is grisly and its images shouldn't be inflicted on children. I would not seek out such images for my children, but if confronted with them I would be comfortable explaining what produces such images.

In my case, I would be comfortable explaining what produces the aborted babies. That's because at the end of the discussion I would be able to say I'm against that procedure and believe it should be stopped.

I would hate to be in the position of trying to justify those images on the truck for children. I can justify the horror Gettysburg and Normandy. No one can justify the horror on the side of the truck.

And it isn't just "for the children." Like a mushroom, abortion thrives in the darkness. Advocates do not want any light shined out on it. They don't want any focus on what actually happens, on what is actually destroyed, on the butchery of tiny humans.

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OmaSteak said...

Recalled mayor and current county commissioner Mike Carbunkle should just pay his $54 fine and count himself lucky that he isn't the subject of another recall since he called the Omaha police officer who ticketed him a liar. The officer clearly told Boyle to move 3 times, Boyle claims only money is on the officer. BTW, I saw a "special" on NETV last night "68 the year NE mattered" about the 1968 presidential primary. The interesting note was Mike and/or Ann have been feeding off the taxpayers since 1968...that's 40 years!!! I'd be shocked if your average NE/Omaha taxpayer could name 1 good thing either of them has ever done...except to benefit their party and themselves.