Thursday, September 18, 2008

Great Reminder from Boys Town Coach

Boys Town football coach Kevin Kush spoke on sportsmanship at our school last night. I suppose the problem with such a presentation is that the people who most need it don't hear it.

Kush has a couple of books on the subject, but the people who most need to read them aren't likely to buy them.

Maybe you should buy one for someone you know who needs to be reminded that youth sports are supposed to be fun and character-building. Children should feel better about themselves after participating in sports, not demoralized or terrorized -- even paralyzed -- by fear of failure.

I'm not talking about fluffy self-esteem therapy. Keep score. Compete. American society is built on competition bringing out the best in people. Part of sports, and life, is failing and then coming back and trying to succeed the next time.

But competition also can bring out the worst if that competitive drive is not properly developed. It's one of the most important skills adults teach children. Some adults need a refresher in honorable competition, and how to teach it to children.

Click here to see Kevin Kush's books and CDs on sportsmanship.

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