Friday, September 12, 2008

Death Penalty Exception: My Campaign Signs

I'm against the death penalty -- except for people who mess with my campaign signs. Shoot 'em on sight.

I'm kidding.


I'm running for re-election to the Douglas County Board. I get testy about campaign signs because they aren't cheap, especially the handmade 2x4 and 4x8 plywood signs mounted on metal stakes or wooden posts. A lot of time and effort, as well as money, go into making those signs and putting them up.

Mine have been up for only a few days and already two 2x4's have disappeared and another was found smashed in half.

I like my campaign signs. The logo was produced by a graphic design firm run by a friend. The 14" by 22" yard signs are mass-produced, but the 2x4 and 4x8 signs were hand-painted by Ron Swanson. Some of those big signs are in their third campaign and they still look great.

Do you want a sign? Do you know someone who does? My district is bounded generally by 36th Street on the east, Dodge Street on the south, 108th Street on the west, and Fort Street and the Northwest Radial on the north. Anything in or near that area is helpful.

You've heard that politics makes strange bedfellows. You will see Maxwell signs cozied up to Obama signs, Terry signs, Esch signs, etc. American voters are independent thinkers. They have all kinds of reasons for choosing a candidate, and they don't give a hoot if the "experts" find inconsistencies in their choices. Most voters vote for people, not parties or platforms.

So yes, I'll be happy to plant my sign right next to my opponent's. There's no such thing as a bad sign placement.

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OmaSteak said...

Sounds like someone might have ties to the fire union who opposes you in the election. This is typical tactic by the fire union members as directed by the union management.
BTW, if Mike Boyle does insist on fighting his well deserved $54 dollar ticket for blocking traffic during rush hour, you should introduce a measure to censure him at the next county board meeting. After readily admitting that he did indeed create a traffic hazard by his actions, he's now considering wasting thousands of dollars of taxpayer resources in the judicial system that should be going toward more productive purposes. It would be nice to see him recalled from office once again for demonstrating his long held stance that laws don't apply to him or his family.