Monday, September 08, 2008

Ay Carumba! Mourning the Change at KOTK

Yes, KOTK has abandoned a conservative news/talk format for Spanish-language programming. No, it's not part of the politically correct bullying on behalf of all things Latino.

There is a difference between a business decision and a government mandate. When the government requires Spanish as well as English on a ballot, that's wrong. When a business -- a radio station or grocery store or repair shop -- accommodates a market, that's different. The business is not responsible for the makeup of the community. The business has to play the demographic hand it is dealt by the government.

But it still is a major disappointment.

Meanwhile, it falls to me to carry the conservative news/talk banner on the Salem network. As President Kennedy said about "defending freedom in its maximum hour of danger" against communism: "I do not shrink from that responsibility. I welcome it."

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OmaSteak said...

Playing to the "hispanic community" does nothing but make being in the USA easier for illegals and delay the assimilation of legal hispanics. While it may be a sound very short-term decision to cater to that market, it likely produces higher social costs for the non-hispanic community.