Thursday, September 04, 2008

An American Thatcher Is Born

Or maybe she's this century's Ronald Reagan. It's hard to get a fix on the remarkable Sarah Palin.

One speech does not a Thatcher or a Reagan make. But Palin rose to the Thatcher/Reagan level of substance, wit, populist charm, and direct hits on the opposition for its elitism.

She is cool, flowing water in the desert for those of us thirsting for a plain-speaking conservative voice.

We'll talk about the Palin speech this Saturday on Check with Chip.

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OmaSteak said...

Governor Palin hit it out of the park with her acceptance speech thereby clearing the first major hurdle in the election race. There are other higher hurdles to come...think "Meet the Depressed", "This Is Week", "Face the Liberal Nation", etc. Luckily, the lefties and their media supporters don't seem to realize that the more they hit her, the wider her appeal spreads. Conservatives only need to get concerned if the liberal elitist media starts being "nice" to Governor Palin. Now if McCain can give just a decent acceptance speech, the race is back to sure thing with Senator "my friends".