Monday, August 18, 2008

Possible Blow to Amendment

Show me the . . . invisible donors?

It's the proposed amendment to the state constitution that would end racial preferences in admissions and hiring at government institutions. So far, opponents of the amendment have hurt their cause with a panicky approach marked by over-the-top ads.

But now Ward Connerly, the California businessman promoting similar amendments in several states, is resisting demands that his side disclose its donors.

Almost all the money funding the campaign for the amendment is coming from outside Nebraska. The Nebraska Accountability & Disclosure Commission is leaning on Connerly to identify the donors.

Apparently the letter of the law does not require out-of-state donors to reveal themselves. Connerly says allies have been harassed and threatened in other states when they have been revealed as supporters of efforts to end the racial preference system commonly called affirmative action.

I hate campaign finance restrictions. I think money should be wide open in politics with every penny in plain view of the public. Let voters decide if a politician is getting too much money from certain sources, or from the wrong sources.

I wonder if this will damage public support for the amendment.

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OmaSteak said...

I agree with you on this subject. Let the money flow but it all has to be reported in complete detail and in a very timely fashion. I hope this amendment passes and we end state sanctioned racism. Our state colleges and state government provide support and shelter to some of the biggest race hustlers hiding behind "affirmative action". The UNO black studies department being the primary local example. It's time for Ernie and his minions to fade away.