Thursday, August 14, 2008

Petition Candidate Trying to Oust Fremont Mayor

Carl Schaffner called my show to talk about his race for mayor of Fremont. It's no joke.

When the Fremont City Council deadlocked 4-4 on an ordinance targeting illegal immigration, Fremont Mayor Skip Edwards broke the tie by voting against the ordinance, which killed it.

That prompted two people to jump in and challenge Edwards, who is up for re-election Nov. 4. Wesley Homes is trying to win as a write-in candidate. Schaffner wants to get his name on the ballot, so he's out collecting signatures on a petition.

I have great sympathy for Schaffner's project. I petitioned my way onto the ballot in 2000 to run for the state legislature. It's hard. You really have to want it and you really have to work it.

Edwards said he voted no because, regardless of what one thinks of the proposal, Fremont would have been subjected to expensive and protracted legal challenges to defend it. He said other cities have not been able to win similar cases.

Schaffner says the ordinance was right for Fremont, and the mayor and council should have gone ahead with it.

Click here for a story in the Fremont Tribune about Schaffner's campaign.

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OmaSteak said...

I hope one of the two challengers gets the necessary traction and defeats the incumbent mayor. His failure to take a stand against illegal immigration is inexcusable. I'm sure if you examine the incumbents campaign contributions he's getting money from those interests that directly benefit from illegal aliens. Worrying about litigation threats from the ACLU and LaRaza is just a convenient excuse. One has to wonder when the Justice Department or state attorneys generals are going to give the ACLU a serious RICCO investigation.