Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin Surprise Is . . . Fun!

In February, I wrote in this blog and talked on my radio show about the possibility of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a vice presidential nominee.

Click here for my blog post on Palin.

It's fun to have on the national stage a young Republican woman who brings with her a reputation as a feisty reformer as well as a pro-life wife and mother. She says there was no question that she and her husband would welcome the birth this year of their child who had been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden just got 10 years older and 10 years grayer.

Isn't it a hoot to hear the media go after Palin for inexperience? And the follow-up is that Republicans are hypocrites for slamming Barack Obama for inexperience while welcoming Palin as John McCain's running mate.

There is a big difference between president and vice president. It's all right for the understudy to learn from the experienced veteran, especially when the veteran is a veteran.

Critics also are questioning whether a mother of five children, especially one with Down's Syndrome, will have enough time to be vice president.

This is amazing. The liberals and feminists are turning on a dime and unleashing the cannons on Palin with items for which you get sued today for raising in a job interview.

Hang in there, Gov. Palin. Obviously they see you as a threat.


OmaSteak said...

McCain's choice of Governor Palin was a homerun and gives him a real shot at winning. I actually heard Mrs. Scott Kleeb on O'Reilly questioning Palin's experience level. This from the wife of a US Senate candidate whose only claim to fame is he got beaten two years ago in a race for an open house seat. The selection of Palin was just the jolt of energy and conservative philosophy the McCain camp needed. After Obama's dismal performance in his acceptance coronation speech, the selection of Palin just took the remaining wind out of the Obama campaign sails. If McCain can keep from shooting himself in the foot for the next 66 days, he wins by about 5%.

OmaSteak said...

*** UPDATE ***
With the media feeding frenzy about Palin's unwed pregnant 17 year old daughter, the McCain campaign just lost that 5% margin of victory and is now losing by at least 5%. If McCain knew about the unwed pregnant daughter and still chose Palin, I question his political judgement. He could have chosen Rob Portman or Rick Santorum and avoiding the whole "we only support abstinence sex ed" controversy that the major media will ensure lasts through election day. You can already predict Biden offering Palin "condolences" on her daughter's situation in the VP debate.