Monday, August 04, 2008

Omaha Royals Must Be Doing Something Right

It was like sitting in a sauna Saturday night at Rosenblatt. Yet my girls and I still had a good time.

The trendy position seems to be nonchalance toward the Omaha Royals. They might leave Omaha? Yawn.

My two girls, 10 and 7, each earned a ticket to the Aug. 2 game through the city library's summer reading program. It also was "faith and family" night with fireworks and a concert following the game. An announcer said the 11,044 attendance was the largest Saturday crowd of the season.

The atmosphere might have been different if there had been a more typical 2,000. I've been to Rosenblatt on nights like that. But on a night when it was so hot and humid that it felt like the inside of the Lied Jungle across the street even after the sun went down, my daughters wanted to stay. They knew there was a fireworks show, but I figured we would last 5 innings at the most.

It was a tight ballgame moving along at a good clip. The crowd groaned the groan of frustrated parents when the Royals blew a 3-1 in the 9th and the game went into extra innings. Even then, my girls wanted to ride it out.

At these types of promotional night we usually see people we know. Didn't see a soul we knew, but the girls were content with dad. I'll enjoy that while it lasts.

The concourse, no comfortable breezeway to begin with, was absolutely stifling. I broke a sweat waiting in the concession line. But the Royals really work hard to please the fans. It was a classic minor league night at the ballpark, complete with goofy fan contests between innings. I could stand the sound system turned down a bit, but the field and stadium looked great.

I don't get excited about fireworks anymore, but the postgame show had some kick to it. Maybe its because they weren't shot very high in the sky and we were sitting in a raised grandstand. It seemed as if the were exploding right in front of us.

Walking to our car after the game, the 10-year-old who during the day had fussed about not wanting to go to the game announced that she wanted to come back for another game.

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OmaSteak said...

I'm glad that MECA is taking a tougher stance with the Omaha Royals, since Warren Buffet and Walter Scott own 50% of the team and their current deal at Rosenblatt is the definition of "sweetheart". I also can see the Royals wanting a venue that is more suited to the actual game being only part of the attraction, since that seems to be what works in AAA ball. I feel sorry for the taxpayers of Sarpy county if they end up underwriting Mr. Buffet and Mr. Scott's team by building them a new stadium complex. What this situation really exposes is the complete fantasy of the financial projections used to support the new downtown stadium. The next mayor should take a serious look at what it would cost to cancel the NCAA contract before the city is too far into contracting for the $200 million 10 day use a year stadium.