Thursday, August 21, 2008

OK, Pass the Big Red Kool-Aid

The OWH broke through the generic fog and published a couple of Nebraska football stories that go beyond cliches.

One of the defensive coaches is Marvin Sanders, who played defensive back for the Cornhuskers 20-some years ago. He earned a Blackshirt, awarded to defensive starters.

Sanders coached the defensive backs at Nebraska for the 2003 season, but was fired when Bill Callahan became head coach.

He kept track of his alma mater. He described the day last fall when he was visiting with his mother on the phone. She said the halftime score of the Nebraska-Oklahoma State game was 38-0. Sanders was relieved that the Huskers were back on track.

No, his mother explained, Nebraska was losing. Sanders said he broke down over the complete demolition of the Blackshirt tradition.

Now he's back trying help restore the Blackshirts.

The other story was about Joe Ganz, growing up in Chicago, watching Nebraska play on TV and then going outside to emulate Tommie Frazier, Scott Frost, and other Husker stars. Sounds like a typical Nebraska kid.

There might be flesh, blood, and bone back in the Nebraska program. After four years of Callahan the corporate spinmeister and Kevin Cosgrove the zombie defensive coordinator, the change will be welcome.

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