Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Obama's Swift Boat Issue

Barack Obama says people are lying about his abortion record in Illinois. He sounds like John Kerry and his defenders denouncing the Swift Boat Veterans.

The Swift Boat Veterans resented Kerry's thin basis for his Purple Hearts and targeted him for political attack when he made incendiary false statements about American military forces' actions in Vietnam. Kerry thought a compliant media would help him marginalize the cranky wackos.

Jill Stanek, a nurse from Chicago, has led the effort to hold Obama accountable for his opposition, as an Illinois state senator, to the Born Alive Act. The bill said a baby who survives an abortion should receive medical care.

Obama said the bill would have undermined Roe v. Wade. That alone is a crappy reason, but the bill was amended to mirror a federal bill on the same issue that even hardcore pro-choicers supported.

Obama said that was a lie. But now the documentation being produced shows that the Born Alive sift boaters were right.

Obama has picked the wrong fight. I hope the pro-life community leadership goes after him as tenaciously as the Swift Boaters went after Kerry. Elitists such as Kerry and Obama think they can manipulate -- or ignore -- reality as they see fit. Often, with the help of the media, they can.

But occasionally a populist force breaks through, bursts the bubble, and makes the elitist pay. That's what I'm rooting for.

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OmaSteak said...

Despite the "drive by" media support, the wheels are coming off the Obama coronation. He absolutely revealed himself as the stereotypical far left elitist during the Saddleback event. McCain actually did well for a change at the same event. If McCain doesn't make a huge mistake with his VP choice...not a sure thing he won't...he might just win. The new book out about Obama is having an effect and will grow despite media attempts to shunt it aside. McCain needs to keep after Obama pushing him to get away from the teleprompter. Everytime Obama does so, he reveals himself. Even the far left libs are starting to doubt the annointed one is a sure thing. With just a little luck, the USA may be spared it's first muslim president...and what would likely be its last president ever. BTW, when Obama does lose in a close election will there be race riots??? I'm betting on Ernie and cohorts to mention it starting in October.