Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Starboard Tack

Barack Obama and John McCain are being derided by critics for their flip-flops on issues. It's true. Both candidates are flipping and flopping. But there is a pattern that ought to cheer conservative hearts.

Obama: embraces public financing, then discovers the joys of competitive free-market political fundraising and rejects the limitations of government-managed campaign finance; vows to never abandon down-with-America pastor, then does so; said DC gun ban was constitutional, then said Supreme Court ruled properly in finding it unconstitutional; out of Iraq in 16 months, then calls for "deliberate" disengagement with no specifics; NAFTA was bad, but now it may be good.

McCain: sponsored immigration bill that was rejected by the populist majority, then announced he "got the message" and changed position; switched from no to yes on off-shore drilling for oil; has called for closing Gitmo, but blasted Supreme Court for giving Gitmo detainees constitutional rights; opposed Bush tax cuts, but now says they should be preserved.

Do you notice a pattern? The changes in policy are shifts to the right. That's where the national majority is. That's where the candidate wants to be to have the best chance of winning. I find that very encouraging.

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OmaSteak said...

What you really see are two politicians doing what they do best...drift whichever way to winds of public sentiment seem to be blowing at the moment and saying whatever it takes to get votes. McCain is lying about "getting it" on illegal immigration since he still keeps spouting off about the need for "comprehensive immigration reform" whenever he's facing a hispanic audience or like in his recent meeting with the President of Mexico. Obama is doing more than his fairshare of lying too...but the media is loathe to report it in detail. He is as radical a leftist as has ever run for President and the majority of people will act surprised after he's elected and he starts to govern that way. A good thing to always keep in the back of your mind when Obama is his first book, he wrote that the Muslim evening call to prayers is the most beautiful sound he's ever heard. Allah Akbar Obama your next President.