Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Omaha Royals: Maybe I'm the Problem

The Royals might move to Sarpy County? The Royals might move to Texas? Say it ain't so!

But I ask you the same question I ask myself: When was the last time you went to a Royals game?

4th of July doesn't count. You went for the music and fireworks.

I can't remember the last time for me. I think it was with my boys on a night when we had coupons they had earned in a summer reading program. The older son is now in college, so it had to be at least 8 years ago.

Baseball is my favorite sport. I enjoy Rosenblatt Stadium. I like having a Triple A team.

Would I be more likely to go to a Royals game at a new ballpark? Probably not.

That's a serious problem for the Royals. A guy who loves baseball and lives 10 minutes from Rosenblatt -- 5 minutes from the site of the new ballpark -- is ambivalent about attending a game.

I can't blame management for considering a move out of Omaha.

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OmaSteak said...

The reason attendance at Royals games is so low is a direct result of the product the put on the field. If they were consistent winners, had a couple of real sluggers and some players who are around for awhile, they might draw bigger crowds. They want a new venue not for the number of seats but for the other surrounding activities they can provide and profit from...like amusement rides, games, etc. So the actual ballgame becomes a secondary reason for young families to attend. They have a sweetheart deal at Rosenblatt right now...we in effect pay them to be here...and they want an even sweeter deal for playing at the new downtown ballpark. Fahey knew this going into the whole ballpark debacle. Those financial projections showing how the new ballpark was going to pay for itself...never made public by the way...were/are a total fantasy. BTW, don't Warren Buffet and Walter Scott both own pieces of the Omaha Royals??? Like Omaha taxpayers need to subsidize those two guys.