Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Note of Thanks to Fahey

I wrote a thank-you note to Mayor Mike Fahey.


You're still mayor for 10 months, but your announcement prompts me to thank you for your support when I was trying to get something moving on city-county merger. I was surprised by the mixed reaction -- in some cases rather hostile -- from the city council, but you jumped in and used the mayor's bully pulpit and resources to try to make something happen.

State Senator Mick Mines, our strongest ally at the state level, resigned from the Legislature, and I'm now in the minority on the county board when it comes to merger. I am nonetheless grateful that you invested your political capital in the effort when there seemed to be an opportunity.

All the best as you finish your tenure as mayor.

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OmaSteak said...

Very thoughtful and considerate of you Chip. We're very lucky that the deep pockets folks around town have had enough of Mayor Landow and his sidekick Mike Fahey. Unfortunately, we're looking at Hal Daub running again with a whole list of pie-in-the-sky projects otherwise known as his "vision". We still haven't even started paying for his "vision" projects from his last term as Mayor. Plus it would be great to see some of the younger guys take their shot without having to deal with a "seasoned" policitical BSer like Hal. He's already indicated that the "I'm more laid-back and reasonable" image is just that, he's still the same cranky it's my way or the highway Hal.