Thursday, July 17, 2008

Marine Says Iraq Looks Promising

I spent a good chunk of Sunday night visiting with a U.S. Marine who said the situation in Iraq is much more positive than portrayed in the media.

There was no setup and he didn't know my view. I just invited him to start talking and I listened.

His name is Brian Reed. He's a nephew of my brother-in-law, Dave Reed. You heard Dave on Check with Chip a few weeks ago discussing the dairy farming business from the milking parlor on what we affectionately call "Reed Acres" in reference to my city-girl sister, Mimi, marrying Dave 15 years ago and plunging, a la Zsa Zsa Gabor on "Green Acres," into farm life.

Brian is stationed in North Carolina and is in his home state of Michigan on leave.

We visited around the fire pit at Steve & Elaine Reed's home while adults and children roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.

If you listen to talk radio, you won't be surprised to hear Brian's take. Brian, 12 years in the Marines, was matter-of-fact but insistent that he has seen progress in his two tours of duty in Iraq. He has been stationed in places that you have heard about in the news, places that used to be really nasty for American troops.

He did not accept the contention that the people smiling, waving, and thanking Americans for being liberators by day are trying to kill them at night. He said the greater problem is that the majority is supportive but is terrorized by the terrorists. The risk is especially high for anyone suspected of aiding the terrorists.

Brian did not minimize the challenge or make grandiose predictions. But he said the John McCain scenario -- properly construed as a lasting American military presence in a stabilized region similar to post-war Germany or South Korea -- is feasible.

I hope he's right.

Meanwhile, I thank Brian for attacking at its source the evil enterprise that would love to ruin the type of Sunday evening peaceful freedom we enjoyed at "Reed Acres."

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OmaSteak said...

The mainstream media doesn't report any good news from Iraq because it doesn't support Democrat campaigns and Obama in particular. They will report on his upcoming visit to Iraq and Hagel will give him plenty of political cover for his 16 month withdrawal strategy.