Friday, July 11, 2008

Iowa Listener Looking for Help

An Iowan says the government is bullying him out of his property.

This is what I was told by a listener who called right after my July 5 show:

Council Bluffs is trying to make him sell for $20,000 a property worth $200,000. He says CB is threatening to use eminent domain if he won't play ball.

The listener said he has another property worth $60,000 that CB is trying to get for free by declaring the property a nuisance and seizing it.

I explained that as a commissioner in Douglas County, Nebraska, I don't have any authority in these cases. He said he has talked to attorneys and the same thing keeps happening: they get interested, but then back away after contacting CB. He says CB is misrepresenting the cases to dissuade attorneys from pursuing them, and is keeping his story from getting to the media.

In one of the cases, a legal brief is due July 18.

It doesn't sound like this listener is going to find a lawyer, at least not a local one. Does anyone know of a lawyer or organization that might take such cases? I know there are organizations committed to fighting for individual property rights, but I don't know if there is a fit for this situation.

I will pass on whatever information you can provide.

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OmaSteak said...

He can try as a starting point or Google "fight eminent domain" and he'll get quite a listing of law firms specializing in such matters. I wish him lots of luck. The use of eminent domain by all levels of government has gotten way out of control and needs to be stopped unless it is clearly for a public purpose, i.e., road, school or hospital...not just so some developer can get his hands on it cheaply under the guise of "raising it's tax value".