Friday, July 25, 2008

Dave Nabity on Check with Chip

His Nabship, Count Nabula, The Nabinator -- he's all that and more and he'll be my guest on Check with Chip this week.

Yes, he's the Dave Nabity who ran for governor in 2006. The longtime jazz drummer has a new group playing regular local gigs. Dave now runs a political action committee through which he is supporting candidates that embrace the same message of fiscal responsibility Dave championed while running for governor. He still pops up in the news on a variety of matters. Who knows what mischief he will have gotten into by the time we visit on Saturday.

Somehow he finds the time to run Nabity Business Advisors.

Don't miss Dave Nabity on Check with Chip!


OmaSteak said...

It will be great to hear you and Dave talking about what needs to happen in NE to restructure state government. FWIW, I saw a commerical on TV last night aimed at parents will young children asking them if their child is developing/learning more slowly than their peers. In the program contact information they gave a website address which ended with .NE.GOV which indicates it's a program run by some NE state agency. What caught my attention was the on-screen text of the contact info in other languages. First was in spanish, second appeared to be southeast asian and final was in ARABIC!!! What the heck are we doing offering taxpayer supported services in ARABIC??? I know some of the meat packing plants are importing muslims from Sudan, etc. to replace the illegal Mexicans ICE removed and watches for. We need a bill in the legislature to make ENGLISH the official and only language used by state government.

OmaSteak said...

Here's an update...
The official website of the state of Nebraska,, offers on the Languages tab a complete translation of the website in ARABIC! No BS. Omaha is probably somewhere on the islamic terrorists Top 20 list of targets and the state government is using out tax dollars to offer a complete tour of state government, all the state agencies, etc. in ARABIC??? What moron made this decision??? I guess we don't want to make the islamic terrorists have to work too hard in deciding what/where to hit us the next time.