Monday, July 14, 2008

Compelling Presentation of Drilling in ANWR

The remission of my McCain Derangement Syndrome has been aided by John McCain's declaration that the U.S. should drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. An anonymous e-mail about drilling in ANWR is making the rounds. I checked it out at

I don't know who or what Snopes is. I don't know why Snopes should be considered neutral and authoritative, but it is considered a go-to source for checking the validity of claims made in e-mails and web sites.

Snopes calls the presentation "scant and one-sided," but seems to grudgingly acknowledge the validity of the pictures and facts presented.

Click here to see the presentation on the Snopes web site.


OmaSteak said...

Your derangement seems to have affected your hearing. John McCain has not changed his opposition to driling in ANWR...yet. He did do one correct thing last week, he threw Phil Gramm under the bus. Unfortunately it was for the wrong reason...not because Phil and Wendy are as crooked as the Clintons...maybe more so. Then his campaign trots out Carly Fiorina on "Meet the Depressed" as now his "chief" economic adviser. Carly was fired from HP after she single handidly pushed the disastorous Compaq I really want her advising McCain. Just confirms my decision to not vote for him again. I'm going to have to vote for the Libertarian candidate or just skip that race on the ballot Nov. 4th. BTW, Tom Brokaw is absolutely awful and "interim moderator" of MTP. He just can't help revealing his long-time extremely liberal he's just boring.

OmaSteak said...

A follow-up on more drilling for domestic crude/natural gas supplies. The Dems major talking point in opposition to opening ANWR or more offshore acreage to drilling is, "they already have 65 million acres leased that they aren't drilling". What the lying socialist liberal Dems aren't telling you is, there is a whole lot more to "drilling" than just having a lease. You can't imagine the Federal, state, county and even local agencies that are involved before a drilling rig is allowed upon a mineral lease. The regulatory burden on actually drilling a well is huge, constant and overbearing...and that is only if all involved parties agree to drilling in the first place. Before a drilling permit is issued, there are lawsuits galore from potential impacted adjacent landowners and enviromental activists, etc. Drillers are faced with multiple layers of alphabet soup of agencies to deal with on a daily basis, etc. And that is before the well is drilled to confirm recoverable resources are actually there. That's why oil companies are so very interested in the Federal lands located offshore...cuts the regulatory burden down to just dealing with the Feds...which can be bad enough. So if you hear any politician or commentator talking about "all the leases the oil companies already hold", you'll know that speaker is just plain ignorant or is deliberately blowing smoke up your &(&(*&