Monday, June 30, 2008


"Timber!" That was Jimmy the Fish's caption for this photo of damage from the recent storm.

He's allowed to make sport of such a calamity because it's his tree in his backyard! Thank goodness it fell on the patio and not on the house.

My experience has been that neighbors and have rallied to help each other and motorists have behaved reasonably.

It's what we should expect, but commendable nonetheless.


OmaSteak said...

Thanks goes to Omaha's Public Works department too. They had trucks working my west of Boys Town neighborhood yesterday picking up storm debris at the curb which was very much appreciated. BTW, I tuned in to KOTK early to hear your show on Saturday only to find you'd been on the air for 2 hours already. Did I miss reading your notice on here about the change in schedule for last Saturday's show??? LOL!!!
I'm sure I missed some interesting topics covered during the first two hours. I was suprised to hear you still waxing eloquent about the OWH editorials on the Assessor, granting valuation changes, etc. Haven't you about flogged that particular theme to death???

Chip Maxwell said...

My apologies to listeners! KOTK ran promos about the change in time during its weekday programming, but I neglected to mention it here in my blog.

OmaSteak said...

You're forgiven this one time...LOL!!!