Thursday, June 05, 2008

Presidential Election: Feels Like 1996

This is disturbingly similar to Bob Dole versus Bill Clinton.

Republican candidate: injured veteran who served honorably, but old, lackluster, at times grouchy, Washington insider rather than Reagan conservative, terrible speaker, hard time generating enthusiasm in his own party, never mind Democrats and Independents.

Democratic candidate: young, smooth, energetic, great speaker, makes the ladies swoon, no substance, says anything and denies anyone (grandmother, pastor, political/financial friend of many years) to serve political interest. Blacks and liberal whites love him. Moderate whites are intrigued enough to maybe support him in the absence of a strong conservative Republican candidate.

The one thing missing is a Ross Perot, someone who can seriously tear into the Republican vote and allow the Democrat to win with less than 50%.

Meanwhile, someone please lock John McCain away until Nov. 5. I'd prefer some temper and profanity to the Mr. Rogers Zombie now making the rounds.

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OmaSteak said...

I was thinking the same thing the other day when McCain made another lackluster major speech...the guy is just lousy behind a podium. I can see why he's challenged Obama to a series of 10 unmoderated townhall meeting type debates. That's the only venue where he might have a chance. McCain is a counterpuncher. Unfortunately, he's also a closet semiliberal which means the Perot factor while likely result from McCain's steadfast refusal to secure the conservative Republican base, thus costing him the election. Plus he's just too damn old...exactly like Dole was.