Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Platte Institute Itemizes the Tax Pain on Motor Vehicles

We ran out of time to discuss this on last Saturday's show, but the Platte Institute for Economic Research has issued another major study. This is the think tank founded by Pete Ricketts and led by Lieutenant General Roger Lempke, former adjutant general of the Nebraska National Guard.

You know from firsthand experience how financially painful it is to register a vehicle in Nebraska. Click here to learn the full extent of the problem, and what the Platte Institute recommends to address it.

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OmaSteak said...

Yet another study confirming the obvious that all taxes in NE are too high. What the report fails to address is that the taxes collected are for the most part wasted supporting ineffective and overly expensive government functions like public education. Government in NE at all levels needs a complete overhaul based upon a strict interpretation of what government should actually do. That will then show what revenues are needed and those much smaller revenues can be collected via consumption taxes/user fees. Likelyhood of that happening anytime soon??? Less than zero probability. Much more likely is many more people in similar circumstances will join my family in leaving NE to escape the outrageous taxes.