Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My Take on California

My recent trip to southern California almost washed the taste of that 2006 Nebraska-USC game out of my mouth. Almost.

Weather: amazing, matches the hype. No humidity. No bugs. No wonder 40 million people live there.

Theme Parks: Better than I expected. See weather above -- you don't have that fried, drained, headache/gut-ache feeling after a few hours. Even my teenage son noted how well-run Disneyland was.

Beach: outstanding. We went to Huntington Beach, your basic beach. Lots of beach and shallow water. No shells. No seaweed. Pounding surf. Cold water, but nothing a Nebraskan couldn't handle after getting whapped and broken in by a few waves.

Traffic: Could not live there if I had to commute to work. I don't care how enjoyable the job is or how well it pays. I could not start and end each work day crawling in bumper-to-bumper traffic for an hour or more.

Hollywood: I generally dislike what is produced by the entertainment industry, but there is no denying that it turned hardscrabble desert country into one of the wealthiest and most culturally, socially, and politically influential regions on the planet. I realize irrigation and air conditioning and Silicon Valley and other forces also have driven California's growth, but the entertainment industry is the main driver.

If only it wasn't in the grip of the devil . . .

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