Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Can Bush Suspend 2008 Election? Would He?

In the final minutes of Saturday's show, caller Jim said there is talk in some media about President Bush using the war on terror as reason to declare martial law and suspend the November 2008 election.

There are all kinds of assertions on the Internet that many presidents have run roughshod over Congress with executive orders usurping legislative prerogatives.

Yahoo put the question out there about the 2008 election. A bunch of people emphatically said yes, the president can do so. I couldn't find anything in Snopes or in the major media.

Of course, even if such authority exists, there is the question, WOULD he do it?

On the next show we will talk about the appropriate exercise of executive power to conduct the war on terror.


OmaSteak said...

Jim needs to get back on his medication and quit listening to "Coast to Coast" overnight on KFAB. I'm sure if there was a real and significant national emergency, the President does have or could easily get almost unlimited power to act for a short time. Use you heads people, if FDR or Truman couldn't "suspend" elections during/shortly after WWII, just what makes any sane person think GWB could/would do so now??? Chip, you need to be careful about encouraging callers like Jim and all the conspiracy theory types...while it may net you some more "callers", how could anyone take anything you say seriously after engaging in stupid stuff like this???

OmaSteak said...

BTW, the "appropriate exercise of executive power" as regards Islamic facist terror is simple, declare the cult known as Islam the true root of the problem and then destroy it, once and for all. Try to remember that the US Constitution is not a suicide pact.