Thursday, June 12, 2008

Check with Chip Listeners Get the Floor

I'm overdue to share e-mail correspondence.

Mark Jorgensen sees a bad moon on the rise no matter which candidates are successful in 2008. He submitted this to the OWH Public Pulse:

It is apparent and poll proven that the vast majority of Americans are in angst over our pitiful, impotent and self-serving congress and senate. They continue to blatantly defy “We The People’s” wishes, and laugh at us as they give themselves more benefits while simultaneously doing nothing about social security.

It is also obvious and from the candidates own mouths that the next president will likely continue the bankrupting, fracturing and dissolution of America. This will be accomplished by enabling illegals and their hordes of children to continue their onslaught and foray into what used to be a great country – now destined for third world status.

The next president will also likely throw good money after bad with expanded welfare for young and healthy parasites that simply choose not to work.

It's pathetic to watch raw ignorant politics, greed and political correctness systematically and indefatigably fail “We The People”. We are and will continue to pay a heavy price for politician’s treason against us. We have lost our voice and none of the current candidates intend to restore it.

* * * *

Apparently Congress repealed a 2006 law affecting the president's ability to declare martial law. Click here to read more.

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OmaSteak didn't have much use for the discussion about the president declaring martial law in a lurch to the right, but he does see a possible lurch to the collectivist left if Obama wins:

Barak Obama is preaching the "virtues" of collectivism, straight from the communist handbook of the American Communist Party. Why can't the Federal government do anything to make more energy available at competitive prices? The collectivists (democrats) ideal is the American people without their own personal transportation (other than bicycle) living in large blocks of government owned housing...not individual houses in the suburbs. Think that's wrong??? You don't have to look any further than Omaha's own city planning department and Omaha by Design...both openly taking inspiration from collectivist urban planners, etc.

* * * *

On a different note, OmaSteak assures that his comment about leaving tax-happy Nebraska was no bluff. Construction on his new home is underway in a different state. That is sad news, but I understand it.

* * * *

Several people have sent me what appears to be a shop window in which the Mexican flag is properly displayed while the American flag is left crumpled. The story going around is that someone went in to the shop to complain about the disparate treatment of the flags and was told to leave.

* * * *

Regular listener and e-mail correspondent Jan Ream has had enough of the Omaha World-Herald:

I am writing this as an open letter to the editors of the Omaha World Herald and other subscribers. On June 10, I will be canceling my subscription to this paper, and I challenge those who agree with my reasons for doing so, to follow my lead.

In the Sunday, June 8th edition, there was an article spread across the front page describing the 'legal' future of 2008 graduates who are children of undocumented parents. First and foremost, these parents are illegal aliens, breaking our federal immigration laws. As a parent and grandparent, I am duty bound to my children and grandchildren to set an example of being a law abiding 'citizen.' It is not the responsibility of the taxpayer of Omaha, or a benefactor, to be held accountable for the actions of these parents and the outcome of the future of their children. We do not take our citizenship for granted, we earn it every day by being good and faithful Americans, who pay our own way.

This is not the first time that an article, written by Cindy Gonzalez, has attempted to play on the sympathies of Omahans by publicizing their self made plight and I am convinced that it will not be the last. Well, it is as far as I am concerned. How about you?

* * * *

Jan also is reaching the boiling point over the proposed amendment to the state constitution regarding affirmative action:

This affirmative action controversy is really getting me all riled up. The gall of the OWH supporting opposition to this petition drive is so predictable and typical. Believe me, if we weren't going away for two weeks, we would be on the streets with those petitions every day, and WE WOULDN'T BE PAID!!!! As it is, there will only be a few days that we can get involved when we get back before the petitions have to be turned in.

If you haven't heard the ads being run by the American Civil Rights Initiative on radio this past week supporting the ban, go to the I LOVE IT, ESPECIALLY THE PART ABOUT ERNIE CHAMBERS.

Please encourage your listeners, if you can, to get involved with this petition drive.

* * * *

Regular listener Donna brought to my attention John McCain's visit to the home of a woman whose brother was killed in Iraq. McCain brought with him his 19-year-old son, a Marine serving in Iraq. Click here for CNN's coverage.

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