Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Which Way to the Shotgun Aisle?

I've mentioned on the air that I'm feeling a Paul Kersey vigilante urge due to the uptick in criminal activity in the neighborhood. Click below for a neighbor's recommendation. My spell-checker gagged on "exsanguinate." I found it poetic justice.

Rainy nights are darker and it’s harder to see them working on the door. The rain sound also covers noises they make breaking glass panes, jimmying door locks and window sashes or walking up the stairs.

Get a shotgun and several boxes of shells loaded with #7 bird shot. Remington model 870 is inexpensive. Practice loading and shooting it until you can do both blindfolded.

If you end up taking shots at a prowler, the pellets will not penetrate the walls and kill your kid sleeping in the next room or the neighbor in the house next door. Typical handgun bullets will do exactly that. The pellets will make many, many tiny, hard-to-repair holes in the prowler’s organs and he should exsanguinate nicely before the cops show up.

Better judged by twelve than carried by six!

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OmaSteak said...

Couple of other pointers...have a cheap "throw away" handgun available to properly "equip" the evildoer and make sure those you shoot fall inside the house...or be prepared to clean any accidental drag marks quickly...LOL!!!

On a more serious note, I happen to live in the general area of 144th and Pacific. On that same night a young man driving in the area was shot in the neck, a house on 155th and Leavenworth was hit 3 times by gunshots. The source??? There are drug deals being done both a night and in broad daylight in the parking lots at Piedmont park just north of 154th and Pacific. There's a 24 hour Kum & Go close to provide ambient light for nocturnal activities. I personally saw a drug deal starting to unfold as I drove by the east side parking lot last Friday. It just so happens a Douglas County sheriff's deputy turned off Pacific at 154th at the same time, 4 young men scrambled to two cars and took off in a hurry...and the deputy was going to the Kum & Go for coffee. I did notify friends at OPD, and they were very visible over the weekend in the area...even stopping some cars for license/registration checks. I hope they can keep it up.