Friday, May 02, 2008

Liberals Don't Like Their Bubbles Burst

Katie Kelly regularly writes liberal non sequiturs in the OWH Public Pulse. Non sequitur is Latin for "you're comparing apples to oranges."

OK, I fudged that a bit, but that's the sense of it. Non sequitur means "it does not follow," there is no logical connection between the premise and the conclusion.

Kelly feigned inability to comprehend why there was so much national focus on Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama's relationship with him, while there is relatively little fuss about Rev. John Hagee and John McCain.

Wright is the most notable pastor in America right now for two reasons: 1) He passionately calls down curses from God on America, and 2) Obama, until recently, considered him "family," so close was the relationship they developed over 20 years of Obama attending Wright's church.

Kelly seemed upset that Obama is getting hammered for his connection to Wright, while McCain does not seem to be paying much of price for the endorsement he received from Catholic-bashing Hagee. Why, Kelly wondered, is McCain allowed to disavow Hagee and that's it, while Wright is becoming Obama's Willie Horton?

It's so obvious it hardly needs explaining. McCain is a politician seeking endorsements from religious leaders. It is plausible for McCain to say that he wasn't aware that Hagee peddled such virulent anti-Catholic poison.

It is not plausible that Obama was unaware of various statements, positions, and attitudes that have made Wright infamous. The milestones of the relationship between Wright and the Obamas are well-documented in the public record.

Liberals like Obama and Kelly live in bubbles where they can rationalize anything. They don't like it when objective reality and logic burst their bubbles.

Obama has been living in a bubble in which he can say statesmanlike things for public consumption, but can still cozy up to Wright and go behind closed doors to elites in San Francisco and belittle the rest of us as bitter people clinging to guns and religion.

Now that the bubble is burst, Obama wants to pull a Pontius Pilate and wash his hands of Wright. (Didn't Wright say something about his "public crucifixion"?) As far as I can tell, Obama finally gave up on his tortured effort to spin his "bitter" comment into something positive.

I hope the Obama candidacy survives. I like McCain's chances against a lefty elitist posing as a middle-of-the-road populist.

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OmaSteak said...

Trying to reason with a liberal is like tilting at windmills. Liberalism is based upon emotion not logic. When taken to its logical conclusion, liberalism leads to the complete loss of freedom and individuality. As such, liberalism should be seen as a serious threat to public health and its carriers should be "treated" aggressively to keep them from further contaminating society.