Monday, May 19, 2008

Democratic Party Official Mischaracterized My Race

The Democrats did well in the Nebraska primary last week, but there was a bit of overreaching where my race was concerned.

I submitted this to the OWH Public Pulse:

In a recent Midlands Voices column, an official from the Douglas County Democratic Party cited my race for re-election to the Douglas County Board as one in which “Democrats outdrew Republican rivals in head-to-head matchups” in the May 13 primary election.

That’s misleading. The Democratic challenger and I did not appear head-to-head on the same ballot. Republicans saw only me on the Republican ballot. Democrats saw only the Democratic challenger on the Democratic ballot.

Results were similar in the 2004 primary. The two Democratic candidates together received more votes on the Democratic ballot than did I and the other Republican candidate on the Republican ballot. In the general election, when candidates were on the same ballot and it truly was a head-to-head matchup, I won.

I hope this doesn’t sound like sour grapes. I congratulate Democrats for executing a successful double-whammy: a rousing caucus in February that spurred party registration and yielded a viable congressional candidate, and a successful primary election in May. Clearly I’ll have to work hard to win re-election.

But let’s make sure readers understand that in many primary races, candidates compete in separate universes. The true head-to-head competition is in November.

Chip Maxwell
Douglas County Commissioner
District 5

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OmaSteak said...

Do you have some significant personal County Board accomplishments to point to versus what Mr. Kraft might be offering to the voters in your district??? If not, I'm sorry to say you might be in a heap of trouble come November, just on the basis of higher than expected Democratic vs. Republican registered voter turnout. I hope you're planning on wearing out several pairs of shoes working house-to-house in your district. I don't suppose Mike Boyle will be endorsing you...LOL!!!!