Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Deadly Force to Stop Deadly Threat Is Fine

As a Douglas County Commissioner, I suppose I should be more guarded, but the heck with that: Well done, Mike Smith.

Smith is the Douglas County Sheriff's Deputy who shot a man who attacked him at an Omaha hotel. Smith was responding to a call about a suspected identity theft. When he confronted the suspect in a hallway, a gun fell out of the folded pair of jeans the suspect was carrying.

A struggle occurred. The suspect smashed Smith over the head with a flower vase. Smith pulled his gun and fired at the suspect. The suspect was wounded but did not die.

I'm glad, for Smith's sake as well as the suspect's, that the suspect did not die. But even if the suspect had died, I would have commended Smith for his action.

I am against the death penalty, but I am not against use of deadly force to stop deadly threats. If someone had been able to shoot Robert Hawkins before he shot others at Von Maur, I would have hailed him as a hero.

If a suspect attacks a law enforcement officer -- especially with a loose gun in play -- that suspect invites use of lethal force against him.

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OmaSteak said...

It's too bad the "suspect" wasn't mortally wounded after attacking the deputy. Now the taxpayers have to pay for his hospital care and recovery not to mention his room & board after he's convicted of numerous felonies...again. I sure hope we don't have to pay for the woman's labor & delivery plus post-partum care along with ADC, etc.