Monday, May 12, 2008

Daub "Seriously Considering" Race for Mayor

That's what Hal Daub said on the Check with Chip show Friday.

Did Mike Fahey irreparably damage himself in the baseball stadium controversy, or is it a case of all's well that end's well? Perhaps the failed recall emboldens Fahey and strengthens his position for 2009.

My sense of the public consensus is that Fahey stumbled into the baseball stadium negotiations and almost fumbled away the College World Series, but regained his balance and scored with a 25-year deal in a new ballpark.

What I can't tell is whether that leaves people feeling that Fahey proved he is the right leader for another term, or that Omaha can't risk another term under Fahey if the momentum forward is to continue.

And I can't tell whether a majority cares about police and fire pensions and other management/fiscal issues. Dave Friend tried to alert people to these concerns when he ran against Fahey in 2005, but couldn't get traction.

Back to Daub. The "no" argument is that Daub deserves credit for generating Omaha's current push forward, but his time has passed. The "yes" argument is that it's time for Daub to resume command of the agenda, which he developed, that has driven Omaha's development for the last decade.

Let the opinions flow.

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OmaSteak said...

I'd like to see Dave Friend make another run with Hal's strong support and active participation. Hal should stay outside of elective office where he can be an effective advocate and senior statesman of Omaha republican politics. The case to make against another term for Landow/Fahey is financial incompetence and the complete failure of his public safety policies. Gangs and gun violence are out of control in both North and South Omaha. This can be correctly placed at the feet of Landow/Fahey and their incompetent past police chief, Tom Warren, through their failed "community policing" strategy and by manipulating crime statistics to categorize shooting in which no one is hit as "crimes against property", etc. Financially, they have failed to retire even one cent of the Qwest Center bonded debt and through mismanagement have placed an over $300 million police/fire pension underfunding burden on taxpayers. Defeating Landow/Fahey will be a huge challenge since it's likely they will spend over $1 million on their campaign. Last election, they spent almost $1 million for less than 36,000 votes.