Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stem Cell Research: Tim Clare Supports It

Click below for a letter I submitted to the Omaha World-Herald Public Pulse. I go a little nuts when I see the suggestion that someone who opposes destruction of embryos for stem cell research is against all stem cell research.

This does not diminish the era of good feeling engendered by LB 606, the compromise legislation on cloning and stem cell research, but readers might have been misled by a recent item:

A news story about the race for the District 1 seat on the NU Board of Regents noted that candidate Tim Clare opposes embryonic stem cell research, but hadn’t decided whether he would fight it as a regent.

The story then said: “(Candidate Earl) Scudder said he supports the research and will fight to protect it if he wins. He said the board is divided on stem cell research and could elect to ban it if another opponent of such research is elected.”

The board is not divided on stem cell research. All regents support it, as does candidate Clare. The board is divided on destruction of human embryos for stem cell research.

Tim Clare is not trying to get on the board to shut down stem cell research. He simply opposes a subdivision of it that keeps falling further behind as the majority of stem cell research moves forward without relying on destruction of embryonic humans.

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Sandy Goodman said...


In this "era of good feeling" as you so aptly put it, I would comment that I, too, share your frustration over the lack of precision in discussions over stem cell research. I am afraid that it is just something we are going to have to live with because people fall naturally into shorthand usage. I think most people get the meaning from the context, though.