Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Say it Ain't So, Hannah

I have young daughters who love Disney’s Hannah Montana. From what I could glean of the TV show, Hannah got into jams when she was mean, sneaky, selfish, etc., and got back on the right track when she apologized, told the truth, and otherwise did the right thing. Bad behavior punished. Good behavior rewarded. What a concept!

Now we learn that this wholesome teen idol posed for a magazine with her shirt off.

Apparently the girl’s breasts don’t show, but that doesn’t change anything.

Where was her father, the one who co-stars with her on the Disney show, when his daughter was being pimped for national exploitation?

And who’s this photographer Annie Leibovitz? Apparently she’s a big deal in Hollywood. She ought to be charged with child pornography for getting a 15-year-old girl to go topless and then taking her picture for mass distribution.

Charge the magazine, too, if it runs the picture.

Go ahead and put me in the ranks of foaming-at-the-mouth culture warriors in a death struggle against the forces trying slutify our daughters and make them part of the sewage flowing in pop culture.

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OmaSteak said...

While I agree with you in principle on the pornification of our culture, you're assuming the Ms. Cyrus is the innocent character she plays on TV. I seriously doubt that assumption is accurate. Besides, who will Bill Maher have to date when his current girlfriend hits 21??? Yeah, that's the same Bill Maher who bashed the Pope recently on HBO. He's notorious for "liking the YOUNG ladies".