Thursday, April 10, 2008

Planned Parenthood: Quit Exploiting Teenage Lust

With the possible exception of the porn industry, Planned Parenthood is the cultural voice most responsible for the out-of-wedlock birth disaster in America.

Planned Parenthood, with its encouraging message about teen sex and its how-to instructions on its web site, has helped open the floodgates to teen sexuality and pregnancy.

Surprise! Teens DEVOUR the message that their bodies and those of their peers are amusement devices for mutual recreation, but they don’t seem to embrace with equal passion the protection message – about disease as well as pregnancy.

Not to worry; Planned Parenthood is there with cutting tools and suction hoses if someone is “punished” with pregnancy, as Barack Obama put it.

Planned Parenthood shamelessly cashes in on teenage hormones. That organization should not get a penny of taxpayer funds.

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OmaSteak said...

Your premise is wrong. A lack of proper parenting is the primary cause for illegitimate births. If parents don't make a concerted effort to instill proper values in their children, then it's foolish to lay the blame elsewhere. While it is sadly true that popular culture does nothing to teach young girls to value themselves and their futures more highly, organizations like Planned Parenthood do some good in those areas where they educate young women on how to avoid the worst life-changing consequences of their past bad decisions. Abstinence is part of that educational program even at Planned Parenthood along with information about the temporary and fleeting nature of teenage relationships, etc. I would bet huge money that if you reviewed the patient data at any Planned Parenthood clinic you would find that 99.9999% of their patients were sexually active before their first visit. That being said, I agree 100% that Planned Parenthood should not receive one penny of tax money. If their "work" is important, they can raise all the money they need from charitable donations and patient fees.