Friday, April 18, 2008

Listeners Have the Floor

These items are from Check with Chip e-mail correspondents.

Click here for a video calling people to action on illegal immigration. It's a little thin on substance, but some of the shots convey the anti-American attitude that makes the current surge of immigration different from those of the 19th and 20th centuries. It also shows what apparently is supposed to be an American employer recruiting illegal immigrant workers. I'm not sure why the video shows numerous examples of illegals doing "jobs Americans won't do." I was expecting a follow-up statement about decent wages or something that would attract Americans to the packing plants and produce fields. Instead, it seemed to reinforce that argument.

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Through regular mail, a Minute Man sent me confirmation that Rosanna Pulido, a Mexican-American and field representative for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), spoke in Omaha recently. She can be reached at FAIR's web site is

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This from a female Minute Man:

On the last day that the Unicameral was in session, I was witness to, via television, words of tribute for the years of service that Senator Ernie Chambers has provided. These tokens of respect were led by Senator Brad Ashford, a colleague in the Judiciary Committee. The body took a vote to name the Judiciary Committee room after Senator Chambers. This was appropriate, for this is where he held court with his shameful displays of strong arm tactics and racism.

True to form, the senators involved in these tributes showed even less spine than when they were up against him in a debate, and I could almost picture him off camera, drumming his fingers on his desk, waiting for someone to speak the truth about how they really felt about him. Sadly, we were both disappointed, until Senator DiAnna Schimek took the opportunity to applaud him for taking to task those who did not behave themselves while attending a hearing on immigration legislation, "Be quiet back there you white people."

Most assuredly Senator Chambers has been responsible for some good legislation, however, how many other senator's worthy bills has he filibustered and kept from floor debate by using threats and intimidation? But there is a bright side to all this sickening rhetoric. Immigration legislation may be heard again next session in that very same room that holds his name and may become law here in Nebraska. That would be justice, indeed.

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This from someone who volunteered at Planned Parenthood:

A long time ago in a galaxy far away when I was in medicine, I did volunteer work at Planned Parenthood here in Omaha. I insisted upon having no involvement with their counseling of prenant teens, since they did present information on abortion as one of the options available to pregnant young women. Planned Parenthood in Omaha did not perform abortions at that time and I suspect that is still the case.

I did, in the course of my medical duties there, counsel sexually active young teen girls about all the negative consequences to which they were exposing themselves by continuing their sexual activities. I was in no way restricted from doing so by the management of the local Planned Parenthood affiliate. My counsel had little or no impact. I finally left Planned Parenthood after a couple of years when newer and more virulent STDs started to appear in their patient population.

My time there left a lasting impression that ignorance on the consequences of teens engaging in sexual activity, both physical and psychological, is rampant among teens and these teens' parents are completely clueless. I should also note during my time there, I did serve young married couples who were trying to be responsible about not having children until they were ready and able to provide for them and, in other cases, couples who were preparing to conceive a child and wanted to make sure the mother-to-be was in good gynecological health.

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The Objective Conservative is in a fever over the Nebraska Legislature's resolution to apologize for slavery, which became an expression of regret, which became "oh, never mind" because the sponsor of the resolution thought nothing was better than a watered-down version.

On a lighter note, The Objective Conservative offers an open invitation to be politically incorrect at "GOP Politics In A Smoke Filled Room," April 29, 5-7 p.m., at the Fox and Hound at 121st and West Dodge Road.

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