Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Benny 16

A former altar boy thanks you, President Bush, for making such a fuss about the visit of Pope Benedict XVI.

Apparently it's the first time Bush has gone to the airport to receive a foreign leader, and the reception at the White House was the largest of its kind, in part to mark Benedict's 81st birthday.

Occasions such as this remind me that, whatever Bush's flaws, it is refreshing to have a president who is an unabashed advocate for the Culture of Life. I presume that accounts for the fuss. Bush must expect that the pope will criticize the Iraq war, but Bush recognizes another major voice in the global conversation with a message similar to the president's on the dignity of life -- even life that might be considered of lesser value by conventional standards.

Most of the coverage I've seen has focused on the child molestation scandal. It's a legitimate issue. Hey, no one is madder about that than Catholics. But I hope the media will focus on additional issues and messages.

Meanwhile, it's fun to see the crowd reactions -- a touch of Palm Sunday in the 21st century.

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