Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fight 'Em Tooth-and-Nail, New Mexico Photographer

This is the photographer I wrote about in this blog and talked about on Check with Chip. She declined to shoot a same-sex commitment ceremony. She was hauled before a human rights commission in New Mexico. The politically correct star chamber hit her with a $6,600 fine.

I hope she fights it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

I don't care about the left/right or liberal/conservative nature of the subject matter. Let's flip it around. Suppose the photographer says she doesn't want to shoot a heterosexual or Catholic or Jewish wedding? She only wants to shoot secular ceremonies for homosexual couples.

That's discriminatory, but the government should not intervene. It certainly should not fine her.

This is the kind of tyranny-of-the-minority nonsense that goes far beyond toleration or live-and-let-live diversity. Find another photographer. Get a friend to take some pictures.

If you decide to use the power of government to cram an unwelcome agenda down someone's throat, then don't complain about the backlash you experience.


Anonymous said...

Following with the switch around of subject matter, if a photographer for hire refuses to photograph a Catholic wedding, or to work for Catholics at all, and out society had a real problem with acceptance of Catholics in general, I would say their "unwelcome agenda" - Catholic weddings- could use some Little Rock style activist gummint. -Skip Ciulla

Chip Maxwell said...


Great to hear from you.

I'm just seeing this Saturday morning May 10. I'm usually on the air right now, but KOTK is broadcasting high school baseball today.

So that sounds like a vote FOR the couple and the process to force the photographer to cover the wedding.

Excellent! A differing opinion. Feel free to call 498-5685 if you want to pursue it. The bad news is that I'm not on again until May 18. But the topic is not going away!

Chip Maxwell said...
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Chip Maxwell said...

Oops, make that May 17.