Monday, April 07, 2008

China Olympic Protestors: Righteous Righties or Loony Lefties?

Good for demonstrators raising a ruckus about the Olympics in China as the Olympic torch passes through England and France.

I think.

When I hear about protests against international institutions or events, I usually cringe and imagine cranky liberals or anarchists aching for something "Western" and "capitalist" and "oppressive" and "exploitative" to rail against.

I watch virtually no TV news so I haven't seen the torch-squelchers. Are they the same people who protest G-8 summits and other such gatherings? Has Tibet replaced Darfur as the flavor-of-the-month for the left?

Or are there that many Tibetans in the West? Maybe there are there still some anti-communists left in the West who are not willing to turn a blind eye to Chinese thuggery.

Comments welcome.

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