Friday, April 18, 2008

Check with Chip Listeners: You Have Homework

Be prepared tomorrow to discuss three things the Nebraska Legislature did right and three things it did wrong in the 2008 session that ended yesterday.

Legislative candidate Brent Smoyer will be on to start the first hour and I will pose the same question to him.

State Senator Scott Lautenbaugh, who also is on the ballot this year, will be on to start the second hour and I will ask him the 3&3 question.

We'll hear from an aspiring senator. We'll hear from someone who serves in the belly of the beast. What about you? I wonder if the candidate and office holder see things the same way the general public does. We'll find out tomorrow on Check with Chip.

1 comment:

OmaSteak said...

The legislature did nothing right. They failed to rewrite the state constitution, reorganize state government, introduce competition to public schools, reduce spending or revamp the tax system to one based solely upon consumption. I guess they did do one thing right...they went home.