Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Immigration Debate Flares Up in Nebraska

So anyone who wants to crack down on illegal immigration is a racist? That’s the impression given by media coverage of the debate that has flared up in Nebraska.

American citizens are worked up because they feel they are being lectured to and bullied by people contemptuous of American law and culture. It isn’t just the illegal immigrants marching by the thousands and waving flags from other countries. It’s the homegrown entitlement promoters egging them on, telling them to get out there and demand ballots in languages other than English, drivers’ licenses, free education and social services. Forget the melting-pot, assimilation ethic. Work yourself into a self-righteous rage and demand more accommodations while disdaining the idea of becoming an American citizen.

The public backlash that derailed the immigration legislation promoted by President Bush and congressional leaders last year, and the passion at the hearing in the Nebraska Legislature last week, are evidence of something bigger and broader than a mere hate clique. Political leaders ignore this at their peril.

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OmaSteak said...

IMHO, a significant proportion of American citizens just want our immigration laws enforced...period. They don't want to be lectured to or constantly bombarded by "pro-illegal alien" media. Unless you are of native American heritage, we all are/come from immigrants. The key point is that our ancestors were legal immigrants who wanted to assimilate and become full fledged Americans...citizens. If government at all levels doesn't address this huge problem effectively and in short order, it won't be too far into the future where the USA could more closely resemble "bananna republics" of central/south america.