Friday, March 14, 2008

A Pastor Even Ernie Chambers Could Love

I say "even" because Senator Chambers generally has contempt for people and things associated with institutional religion, but Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama's pastor and spiritual mentor, is preaching a gospel right out of the Chambers playbook.

I don't think Obama is responsible for every extreme opinion voiced by Wright. I hold Obama responsible for saying in one interview that anyone could attend that church and feel "very comfortable" there.

No, Senator Obama, most people (I hope) would not feel comfortable at a church where the pastor shouts "God damn America!" from the pulpit.

How does this happen? Why do educated black people, people who appear eager to work with whites and find common ground, rally to angry voices such as Pastor Wright or Senator Chambers?

We'll talk about it tomorrow on Check with Chip.


OmaSteak said...

Ernie is a racist. Obama's pastor is too. Makes one wonder why Obama has stayed as an active member of that church for over 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Nope. Chip is the racist here. "Educated" black people? Educated then about the genocide committed against Native Americans, the continued impoverishment of black people who were enslaved, and destructive, arrogant foreign policy abroad. Rev. Wright simply pointed out that the emperor has no clothes, and that's what Ernie does.