Monday, March 03, 2008

Omaha Baseball Stadium: What Next for Rosenblatt Site?

It’s time for the other shoe to drop in the baseball stadium debate. We’ve seen the vision for a downtown ballpark. What’s the vision for the Rosenblatt site?

If the downtown plan goes forward, that’s a body blow to the community at 13th & Bert Murphy Drive. Does the zoo expand? Does a new tourist attraction replace Rosenblatt Stadium? Lauritzen Gardens is just across the Interstate. Could Spring Lake Park be developed into something more? Could that area be developed into a pod of tourist activity like I-80 exit 426 at Mahoney State Park?

Maybe the arch should be over the 13th Street exit instead of outside Kearney. You made it to Nebraska! Or if they’re coming from the west, You made it across Nebraska! Stop here and rest. Let the kids play in the water park. Visit the zoo.

Maybe there’s a better idea. The point is that if this ballpark decision is not just about money but is also about advancing the common good – and I believe it is – then there must be something dramatic for the Rosenblatt area.

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OmaSteak said...

Does the Walter Scott Panda House sound familiar??? Given the Rosenblatt site and the zoo's very long and wealthy donors list, I'm sure lots of good things will happen in the not-to-distant future on the property.