Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Home Instead Senior Care to Sponsor Check with Chip

The Check with Chip radio show has a sponsor: Home Instead Senior Care. I’ll bet you’ve heard of Home Instead. It's not assisted living, it’s not a nursing home, it’s not even home health care. It's non-medical care of elderly family members in their homes so they can stay home instead of going to some kind of facility.

It’s a brilliant concept and I’m proud to say Home Instead was founded by my neighbor, Paul Hogan. We grew up two houses apart in the Cathedral area of Omaha. Paul's experience caring for his grandmother made him realize the need for non-medical home care to help senior citizens live independently at home.

Home Instead is now nationwide and has franchises in Canada, Japan, Portugal, Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Spain, New Zealand, Taiwan, Switzerland and Germany.

Get the picture? Home Instead is an amazing success story built on the highest professional and ethical standards. Indeed, Home Instead is a victim of its own success. Home Instead needs caregivers.

Demand for caregivers continues to grow because Home Instead makes so much sense. Remember, this is not about assisted living, nursing homes, or medical care of any kind. This is non-medical caregiving that allows senior citizens to stay home instead of going to a care facility. It’s making meals, running errands – perhaps most of all, companionship – the everyday but necessary things that make it possible for elderly family members to stay in their own homes.

How about you? Would you like to be a Home Instead caregiver? Do you know someone who would? Go to the Home Instead web site for testimonials by caregivers who talk about how enjoyable and rewarding the job is. Or call Home Instead at 402-498-3444. You could be one of the special people providing extraordinary care and companionship at home for senior citizens.

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OmaSteak said...

Congratulations on getting a sponsor...from the sounds of some of your callers, they are Home Instead's target market for sure...LOL!!!