Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Conservative Opposition to the Death Penalty

I’m against the death penalty. I’m not a coddler of killers and I do believe there are times when it is appropriate to take human life. I don’t lose sleep over the idea of executing killers. I lose sleep over the possibility of executing the wrong person.

We’re so used to TV crime shows that tie everything up into an airtight case in 60 minutes. In real life, there isn’t always a perfect DNA sample or other slam-dunk evidence. Often there might be nothing more the testimony of witnesses who may have their own agendas.

We almost saw the wrong person tried for the murder of an Omaha police officer in 1995. Innocent people have been convicted and executed in other states.

I say that to the conservative mind, the possibility of the government applying lethal force to the wrong person is unacceptable. Lock ’em up with no parole or pardon. That way if a mistake is discovered, at least it can be somewhat rectified.

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OmaSteak said...

While I share your concern about the mythical "innocent" person being executed, one also needs to consider the practical consequences of sentencing a no-doubt killer to "life without parole" in terms of how that prisoner will serve his sentence. Think about a serial killer or other such and then what their prison behavior might be over many decades with interactions with prison staff and other prisoners. Can such a person be sentenced to multiple "life without parole" sentences as a deterrent to further violence??? I know it's a difficult line to draw, but some "zero doubt" killers must be executed if for nothing more than to eliminate any chance of further violence.