Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Threat More Ominous than al-Qaeda

The day I have dreaded finally arrived. My daughter asked about a party at Sweet & Sassy.

I can't remember if she was requesting a party or saying that another girl was going to invite her to a party. I have tried to blot it out of my mind and hope that the subject won't come up again.

But of course it will.

My brother, Jimmy the Fish, alerted me to this scourge a couple months ago. We both have daughters in 3rd grade and the buzz is spreading about this outfit based in Texas that is promoting glam-and-glitz parties for pre-teen girls.

I went to the web site.

Sweet & Sassy is a cutting-edge children’s salon, trend-setting retail store and the perfect celebration place! Customers enjoy top-quality services including haircuts, up-do’s, mini-manicures, mini-pedicures, ear piercing, spa and glam girl packages, and a selection of six signature birthday parties.

I wasn't aware that society needed a "cutting-edge children's salon." What the heck is an "up-do"?

Shampoo, haircut, style out, mini-mani, mini-pedi, mini-facial, make-up app, 2 nail arts, ring, toe ring.

Just what every dad wants for his duaghter, a toe ring.

Think you'd like to make the world a little sweeter and a whole lot sassier?

No, I definitely do not want to make the world sassier. Decency and even basic manners are nearly extinct as it is.

We are diligently searching for people who are interested in bringing a little glam and glitter into the lives of young girls. If you want to make little girls' dreams come true every day, then you need to be a part of our team.

There's something creepy about that recruiting pitch.

Has anybody done this? Am I overreacting? Or am I right that this kind of thing, more than Islamic terrorists or Chinese communists or any other outside force, is what will bring down America?

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OmaSteak said...

Like Forest Gump said, "Stupid is as stupid does" and this glam crap for little girls is just plain stupid. Stupid parents overindulging their daughters thereby supporting/expanding the "pornification" of our culture. This looks like an extension of those "beauty pagents" for little girls that at best are just a way to flim-flam big money out of frustrated mothers and at worst help feed the twisted needs of pedophiles. As for what will bring down our society, that is/will happen at the hands of politicians who are all about serving their own personal interests while "buying" votes by spending/taxing us into oblivion.