Friday, February 01, 2008

TEN-HUT! The General Is Coming to Check with Chip

Maj. Gen. Roger Lempke, retired Adjutant General of the Nebraska National Guard, will be my guest for the second hour of Check with Chip tomorrow.

Gen. Lempke is the executive director of the Platte Institute for Economic Research. Pete Ricketts founded the Institute, which will seek free-market solutions to economic issues.

Pardon me while I give my friend Dave Nabity credit for starting the conversation about how Nebraska needs to retool economic and fiscal policies for the 21st century. Nabity ran for governor as the candidate who wanted to make Nebraska "the jewel of the Midwest." He asked Nebraskans to imagine what kind of government, what kind of economic and fiscal policies, they would establish if starting over with a clean slate.

And I credit Ricketts for not going into a shell after losing his race for the U.S. Senate in 2006. He developed a passion for, and knowledge of, the statewide economic challenges Nebraska faces in the 21st century. The Platte Institute is a way to continue to explore such issues and find solutions.

There is a network of such think tanks in other states. They have produced concrete recommendations for policy makers. I look forward to hearing from Gen. Lempke what the Platte Institute hopes to accomplish.

Visit the Platte Institute here.

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