Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stemming the Tide of Clone-and-Kill Research

The Nebraska Legislature voted 45-0 to advance a bill that would ban clone-and-kill research at the state medical school. Some suggest it's a modest victory because UNMC was never going to clone anyway. Maybe, but we'll take it.

In 2005, UNMC said in legislative hearing testimony that cloning and destroying embryos was the future of stem cell research, and that Nebraska could be a part of it.

In 2006, at a much-ballyhooed Mini Medical School Night for the public, UNMC stressed the importance of cloning in embryonic stem cell research.

In 2007, UNMC again urged the Nebraska to not ban cloning of humans to destroy them as embryos for their stem cells. In an Omaha World-Herald column, UNMC bragged about its role in the cloned monkey project in Oregon and asserted that progress toward cloning humans is vital to stem cell research.

Meanwhile, Missouri joined the clone-and-kill research club in 2006, and Iowa lifted a statutory ban on clone-and-kill research in 2007.

So yes, we'll take what appears to be an imminent victory in blocking the obvious and immediate threat of clone-and-kill research in Nebraska.

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